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This is me 

I am  Make Up Artist based in germany with maroccan roots., music adicted growing up in a family full of creatives.

After having a three month roadtrip break of daly life I realized, this is the right thing I choosed. 

Somone told me " If you're good in what you do, you will miss it".

And I definitly missed  my  profession I'm passionate about. 

Anyone who has the ability to recognize beautiful things, will never grow old .                                  -Franz Kafka-


Services & skills

Every Artist has his own  interpretation and perpective of style.

Unserstanding and getting a feeling for how the client would like to express there brand  is absolutly important to me. 

I will create your picture in minde with expertise, sensitiveness and passion. 



Adidas                             Esprit                             Otto                           Movies

AboutYou                       Galeria Kaufhof           Rossmann                  Familie Verplichtet

Arqueonautas                Grazia                            Swiss Life                   Midas

Bench                             G-Star                           Tom Tailor                 Clark of green gables

Blue Seven                     His Jeans                       Thom Krom              Plötzlich Türke

Blue House                    Hyundai                         T3n Magazin

DM                                 Impressionen                Wella

Donna                            Lavera

Edited                             Marc Cain

Edding                            Mustang

Anissa AL Jay

Make Up Artist & Hairstylist

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